LGI Construction, LLC

LGI Construction, LLC.
1801 East Ninth Street, Suite 1505
Cleveland, Ohio 44114
Phone: (216) 771-2175
Fax: (216) 771-1260

LGI Construction, LLC (LGI) was established March 13, 2006, to do the renovating and rehabilitation of existing and new housing, and assist in the organization, implementation and construction process of all the various rehabilitation projects with HUD and other governmental agencies. As a general contractor, LGI assists Levin Group, Inc. in overseeing all construction and rehabilitation procedures in order to produce efficient, cost-saving and professional workmanship to every detail of its entire project. LGI has been the general contractor for the major renovation and rehabilitation for Conneaut Apartments, Conneaut, Ohio; Kenmore Village Apartments, Rockefeller Park Towers, Cleveland, Ohio; and Maplewood/Northwood Apartments in Lima, Ohio.

For more information, please call or write the corporate offices of Levin Group, Inc. at 216.771.2175 or info@levingrp.com.