Kenmore Gardens Apartments


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Kenmore Gardens Apartments
1588 Ansel Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44106
Phone: (216) 231-8100

Kenmore Gardens Apartments, built in 1970, consists of 66 units and is comprised of sixteen separate residential townhome complexes. RPT Management Co., an entity of Levin Group, Inc., took over the management from Management for Housing in January of 1994. The sites are scattered throughout an approximately one square mile area which is bordered to the north of Superior Avenue, which is located in the Hough neighborhood of Cleveland. Levin Group, Inc. is responsible for the management of the apartments, and completed a program for rehabilitation with equity from Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) and additional funds from local and federal sources.

The Kenmore Gardens townhomes are two-story brick and wood frame buildings of similar construction. The number of units at each complex varies from one unit to twelve units consisting of two and three-bedroom residences. There are ten two-bedroom units consisting of 750 square feet; 46 three-bedroom units consisting of 860 square feet; and ten four-bedroom units consisting of 960 square feet. Asphalt paved parking and lawn surround the townhomes.

For more information, please call or write the corporate offices of Levin Group, Inc. at (216) 771-2175 or