Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Levin Group, Inc. is a private real estate development and management firm with a diverse portfolio of 25 properties located throughout Northern Ohio. Since 1977, Levin Group, Inc. has been a real estate developer for over 20 properties totaling over 900,000 square feet of commercial warehouse space and shopping centers in addition to over 1,200 multifamily units.

Levin Group, Inc. consists of approximately 50 employees who are dedicated to ensuring the company’s success through their roles of management, accounting, and maintenance.

Levin Group, Inc. is proud of its history in leasing apartment units, warehouse and retail space to the finest potential tenants, and for ensuring that all properties are kept in excellent condition. Levin Group, Inc. recognizes the need for preventative maintenance and renovation, therefore, the properties are maintained at a level that keeps emergency repairs and issues to a minimum. In order to remain consistent with this high standard, every property has adequate maintenance personnel who meet management objectives.

One of Levin Group Inc.’s primary goals is tenant retention. Tenants are provided with excellent service through immediate resolution of all concerns that may arise. As a result, Levin Group, Inc. has established an outstanding reputation of retaining satisfied tenants, who ultimately serve as the greatest source of referral.